Cohabitation on the Rise

  • Author: David Crosby
  • Posted on: 8th April 2014
  • Posted in: Blog

It is not surprising given the shift in public opinion that cohabitation is on the rise however, recent statistics show that cohabitation has risen significantly in the over 40’s age bracket within the last 10 years.  Although not applicable to everyone it is likely that those in their forties will have some assets and this presents potential financial difficulties that those cohabiting may not be aware of.

Here a Crosby & Woods we urge you to think carefully about your rights while cohabiting. Whether you wish to protect your assets during your cohabitation or ensure that your contributions to your partner’s assets will be properly recognised in the event of your separation we can help.


We are able to advise on the legal implications facing cohabiting couples and should you wish to discuss your legal position please contact one of our Family Law specialists on 01273 734600.