Divorce Day- What is it and why does it happen?

  • Author: David Crosby
  • Posted on: 23rd January 2019
  • Posted in: Blog

Why was January 7th dubbed "Divorce Day?"

The first working Monday back after Christmas is typically dubbed "Divorce Day" and this is due to the unusually high volume of relationship breakdown enquiries that are received by law firms across the country.

The month of January is generally busy for the Family Law team at Crosby & Woods as we tend to see a sudden spike in divorce enquiries which stem from the stresses and tensions of the festive season, where many couples' relationships are put to the test and the expectations of creating the perfect Christmas are often a catalyst for dissatisfied partners to take action.

January is a busy time of year for family lawyers and also people seeking help via family mediation.

According to this article in the Evening Standard, "more than 40,500 people will search "divorce" online in January, which is nearly 25% higher than at any other time of the year." (Source: Amicable https://amicable.io)

It is understandable that tensions are running high at this time of year and for many people, it will push them to question the stability of their relationship, and the impact that any negative feeling caused by a breakdown in a relationship can have on any children involved.

What is the most common reason for Divorce in the UK?

The ONS figures highlight that unreasonable behaviour was cited as the most common reason for both heterosexual and same-sex divorce. 

Do you need help and advice for a relationship matter?

At Crosby & Woods, we understand that a divorce is more often than not a last resort to a relationship breakdown, and some couples prefer to try and seek mediation before finalising their relationship through divorce proceedings.

Whatever stage you are at with your relationship breakdown, we are able to offer you advice and guidance to help you understand your legal position, with an experienced Family Law solicitor.

If you or someone you know, would like advice on a Family Law matter, then please contact us on 01273 734 600 or email advice@crosbyandwoods.co.uk