Keeping Ahead with Your Mortgage

  • Author: David Crosby
  • Posted on: 13th November 2014
  • Posted in: Blog

This article about how to predict mortgage price rises is another strong indicator that the era of low interest rates will still be with us well into 2015 and potentially into 2016 too. For those who can remember back to the days of 5-10% rates being the accepted ‘norm’ will know therefore that there has never been a better time to invest in property, either for the first time or to move up the ladder.

It is of course vital to properly and honestly assess your ability to pay, not just at the present low rates, but also perhaps at between 2-5% as the financial world (as we saw in 2008/2009) can change without warning, and it is vital to therefore have the safety blanket of knowing rate rises, and especially rapid rises, will still keep owning your home affordable to you. For ultimate security in terms of budgeting and affordability for the mid to long term this article shows that there are 5 and especially 10 year deals available at rates that even if they appear high now, from a historical perspective are bordering on being a give away, but of course it is a long time to be tied in and so would possibly only suit those able to accept higher payments now against what is available in the short term - but in the knowledge they can afford and are happy with what they are paying and are insulated from the risk of future rises and any market downturn.

What the article also shows is the current mortgage market is very buoyant with numerous products available, and so asking an experienced IFA/Mortgage Broker to find the 'right' one for you will no doubt save you both time and considerable money.

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Daniel Curry, Solicitor, Crosby & Woods