Most Common Driving Offences - What To Do If You Get Stopped by the Police

  • Author: Lucinda Dore
  • Posted on: 12th December 2017
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Most Common Driving Offences - What To Do If You Get Stopped by the Police

As the festive season draws nearer, so does the potential for motorists to commit a driving offence. The Christmas party season will soon be in full swing and this is the time of year that we will see a significant rise in the number of driving offence enquiries. There is a misconception that driving offences are associated purely with motorists who have a careless attitude towards the rules of the road, however this is not always the case. 

Our criminal law team report that driving offences apply to a diverse range of clients, and in some cases our clients will have unknowingly committed an offence. We thought it would be helpful to prepare you to be aware of some of the potential driving issues motorists can face during the festive season. We have put together a list of the most common driving offences, along with a guide on what to do if you are charged with an offence:

The most common motoring offences are:

  • Speeding
  • Using your phone while driving
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt - this extends to the passengers in your vehicle
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without an MOT
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Defective tyres
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to stop at a red light

I've been stopped by the Police - what happens next?

Whether you knew you committed a driving offence or not it is important that you instruct a solicitor with experience in representing driving offences cases as each one is very different.

At Crosby & Woods, we offer a fixed fee for people who intend to plead guilty and provide an experienced solicitor for all cases – whether pleading guilty or not guilty and opting to go to trial. To find out more call us on 01273 734600 or email

Lucinda Dore, Partner