Will You be Celebrating Your Divorce?

  • Author: David Crosby
  • Posted on: 17th November 2014
  • Posted in: Blog

A new era of divorces appears to have developed in America as is shown in this BBC article in which couples choose far less conventional ways to end their marriages. Shooting your wedding dress with a machine gun or commissioning your local cake shop to make you a comical ‘divorce’ cake are just some of the ways that Americans are choosing to recognise the end of their marriage.

The idea of celebrating the finalisation of your divorce is becoming much more common and perhaps a way for many to deal with the unforeseen event by turning what is often perceived to be a sad or emotion filed event on its head. While us British may not be quite so inventive when it comes to marking the end of the divorce process the idea of holding a ‘divorce party’ similar to a hen or stag do is not unheard of. 

Whatever your thoughts and however you may choose to deal with what is a unquestionably an emotional event and time in life, what is important is that the divorce and any financial or children matters arising from the divorce are dealt with properly. Here at Crosby & Woods we have specialist family solicitors who can advise you in a practical, results driven and sympathetic way on all aspects including divorce, separation, financial disputes and children matters. Feel free to contact Gemma Thew or Marie Stock on 01273 734 600 or email advice@crosbywoods.co.uk for a free and confidential initial discussion of your matter so you know more fully what your options are moving forward in life. 

Photo from BBC.co.uk