Drink driving: Don't get caught out

  • Author: Lucinda Dore
  • Posted on: 8th December 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

Unfortunately at this time of year we also see a rise in the number of people arrested for drink or drug driving. For some this may be because they are unaware they are over the limit, for others they knowingly do it.

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Moving in with a new partner but not yet divorced

  • Author: Gemma Thew
  • Posted on: 1st December 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

This story in the Mirror recently is an example of just one of the types of family law scenarios that we have come across at the firm.

It appears that the father of 5 has left his wife to live with his new partner and her family, but is not yet divorced and the new partner is picking up children at the same school gates as his wife. Although this seems like a contrived situation in reality it happens more often than most people realise. This type of situation can easily arise when a relationship breaks down and… Read more

Could this be some positive post Brexit news for the UK property market

  • Author: Daniel Curry
  • Posted on: 22nd November 2016
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Finally it seems we may have some positive news following the post Brexit worry for many Britain's, of the impact that the vote to leave the European Union might have on the UK housing market.

This article from the Evening Standard Homes and Property online gives UK homeowners some tangible hope that the UK property market is now stabilising, following months of uncertainty after the unexpected vote to leave the European Union came to light earlier this year. Whilst the article highlights the price rises across the UK, it also reveals that the number of properties changing hands has… Read more

Will Writing- Reasons not to delay writing your Will

  • Author: Lucinda Dore
  • Posted on: 20th November 2016
  • Posted On: Blog
With Christmas almost here, a time of year when friends, family and loved ones should be celebrating, we all too often see a rise in people experiencing the devastating effects of losing someone unexpectedly, which is made more difficult by the deceased not having a Will in place. 

We have put together a helpful list of things to bear in mind, if you don't yet have a Will in place:

  • Who inherits? Not having a Will prepared means that the government will decide who inherits your assets based on the Law of Intestacy. Most of us really wouldn't… Read more

Grey Divorce- What to consider if you are divorcing in retirement

  • Author: Gemma Thew
  • Posted on: 10th November 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

At Crosby and Woods the number of couples separating or divorcing that we have seen in the last 10 years as they approach retirement (or are already retired), has definitely been an ever increasing trend.

There isn't one common reason that we have seen why this increase is occurring, in what previously was an age group with the lowest levels of divorce, but it appears to be more a case that fear of change has lessened greatly and expectations as to what a good relationship should be have altered from what was often a case of ‘make do’ to… Read more

7 Stages of Post Divorce or Separation Healing

  • Author: David Crosby
  • Posted on: 4th November 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

I recently read this interesting view from the Guardian on how one person dealt with the breakup of a long term relationship that came out of the blue.

There are numerous articles of a similar nature, written from both sides of a breakup, but certain common themes do seem to arise and as a possible guide for anyone facing the end of a relationship some or all of it may have some resonance.

  1. Shock- In many cases the decision to end will be a bolt out of the blue, and even for those where there have been obvious difficulties… Read more

Drink Driving- Should the legal limit be lowered?

  • Author: Lucinda Dore
  • Posted on: 17th October 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

Drink driving has always been a topical issue, and it is interesting to read in this article in The Telegraph recently that three quarters of people surveyed in England, would like to see the drink drive limit lowered.

In our experience of drink driving cases, our recommendation would always be to avoid drinking if you are planning on getting behind the wheel, however we understand that many drivers still drink and drive, and regardless of whether they understand the risks of drink driving or not there can be serious, life changing consequences if caught over the limit. 

We have… Read more

Property News- Where can you afford to move to buy in the UK?

  • Author: Dean Skinner
  • Posted on: 11th October 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

When thinking about buying a new home, one of the main factors that most people have to consider alongside whether or not you can even afford the mortgage repayments, is which location can you afford to live in. For many people

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Do you need to take a relationship sabbatical?

  • Author: Gemma Thew
  • Posted on: 7th October 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

An interesting article in the Telegraph which discusses one option some couples may want to try to help avoid the finality of ending a relationship, whether by informal break up or more formal divorce.

There are always likely to be two outcomes from any break period in a relationship, either it will reaffirm the good parts of it and give the parties the will to try and address any conflict issues and make it work, or as may happen in many cases, it can simply highlight the fault lines and shows what a post break up life will… Read more

Using a mobile device at the wheel can be fatal

  • Author: Lucinda Dore
  • Posted on: 29th September 2016
  • Posted On: Blog

We've represented many drivers who have admitted to routinely checking their mobile phones for text messages, missed calls and emails whilst driving for a number of different reasons, as well as drivers who drive for work and have found themselves taking a call from a client, replying to a text or checking their emails in-between jobs.

This recent article in the BBC News re-iterates why it is harmful to both yourself and others if you do not take on board the advice to leave your mobile phone alone whilst you are at the wheel. Drivers that do not take on… Read more