All matters are charged at the same rates below from Conveyancer through to Partner level.

At Crosby & Woods, we aim to provide transparency of our pricing across all of our services from the commencement to the conclusion of your matter.


At Crosby & Woods, we offer a one to one bespoke tailored service to our property clients as no two matters are ever the same. Wherever possible we will give every client a fixed fee quotation at the start of a matter and will deviate from that only if unforeseen additional work arises during the transaction.

In the event that happens we will always advise you in advance of any additional work and charges and obtain your prior permission to incur them.

  • Freehold Residential Sales & Purchases (Fees are between £1,000 - £1,500)

  • Leasehold Residential Sales & Purchases (Fees are between £1,000 -£1,500)
  1. If buying with a mortgage or discharging an existing mortgage on sale completion, an additional fee between £150-£200 for Acting for your Lender (AML Fee) may apply.
  2. If buying or selling a share of a Freehold (SOF Fee) for a flat, an additional fee of between £125-£200 may apply
  3. VAT and Disbursements incurred are in addition to these fees.

  • Lease Extensions (voluntary, not Statutory) - £500-£750 (plus VAT & Disbursements)
  • Disbursements may also apply and full details and transparency will be provided to you at the outset of the transactions



  • Single Will: From £195 (+ VAT)
  • Couples Will: From £325 (+ VAT)
  • Life interest or right of occupation: £600 (+ VAT)
  • Complex Trust (discretionary or flexible life interest): £750 (+ VAT)
  • An additional charge may apply for home or hospital visits, such charge to be agreed prior to instructions being received.


1 LPA per person

  • Individuals: From £225 +VAT + Court fee of £82
  • Couples LPA: From £350 +VAT + Court Fee of £82
2 LPA’s per person

  • Individual From £350 + VAT + £164 (2 court fees)
  • Couples From £500 + VAT + £328 (4 court fees)
  • An additional charge may apply for home or hospital visits, such charge to be agreed prior to instructions being received


  • Stage 1 – Serving Legal Notice
 S8 - £300.00 + VAT
 S21 £200.00 + VAT
  • Stage 2 – Court Proceedings
 S21 – accelerated possession -  £750 + VAT + court fee of £355  (Advocacy fee of £195.00 inclusive) No advocacy on Section 21
 S8 – rent possession - £950 +VAT + court fee of £355  (Advocacy fee of £360.00 inclusive)
  • Stage 3 – Eviction by Bailiff 
£225 + VAT plus £121 bailiff fee


Our fees are fixed as per the MOJ Fixed cost Regime for Personal Injury cases involving Road traffic accidents, accidents at work and employer’s liability cases. We do not charge a success fee in addition to the Fixed Fee payable.

Cases outside of the MOJ Fixed Cost regime are charged on an hourly rate basis appropriate to the PQE of the solicitor dealing with the matter (here that is £225+VAT).


The fixed price employment law services we offer include: 

This pricing structure is the same from assistant through to Partner level.

  • 1-hour meeting with employment law expert including written advice £250+VAT
  • Preparation of basic ET1 and particulars of claim From £250+VAT
  • Preparation of basic ET3 and Defence From £250+VAT
  • Preparation of detailed ET1 and particulars of claim From £450+VAT
  • Preparation of detailed ET3 and Defence From £450+VAT
  • Preparation of List of Documents ( do not exceed 50 documents) From £150+VAT
  • Preparation of detailed list of documents (exceed 50 documents) £250+VAT
  • Preparation of basic schedule of loss £150+VAT
  • Preparation of detailed schedule of loss From £250+VAT
  • Preparation of single witness statement (confined to unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal) £400+VAT
  • Preparation of more detailed witness statement on complex claims From £600+VAT
  • Preparation of instructions to a barrister From £250+VAT

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