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Thinking of selling? Let our experienced property solicitors help you

  • We will send you a quote enclosing a form that asks for your mortgage account number and details of your building society.  We will then apply to the building society for the deeds to your property or, if you don’t have a mortgage, request that you deliver the deeds. You will be sent a property information form, fixtures and fittings to fill in.
  • We prepare draft contracts and send to the purchasers solicitor along with your forms. The buyer’s solicitor may require some additional information from you. At this stage, we may need to obtain this from outside sources, such as the local authority or insurance company. When all the information is available, we will make sure that the buyer’s solicitor receives everything that they require.
  • When the buyer’s solicitor is happy they will send back the draft Contract approved and we will arrange for you to sign the contract as soon as possible. If there is a dependent purchase we will make sure that the two transactions are tied in.
  • On exchange of contracts, we will ask the buyers to pay a deposit of between 5% and 10% of the sale price. Although the money is not expected before exchange, the buyer’s solicitor will need to confirm that he has the funds ready to. Completion is the point at which the buyer pays for the property and it changes hands. The date needs to be agreed before exchange of contracts can take place. When you have signed your contract and (if relevant) your proposed purchase is ready, your solicitor will inform the buyer’s solicitor that you are ready to exchange contracts.
  • Once contracts have been exchanged, you and the buyers are legally committed to buy/sell the property in question. Failure to do so at this stage will result in the party at fault being in breach of contract. The agreed completion date is the date upon which you must give vacant possession and the buyer can take up occupation, having first paid the balance of the purchase price. Failure to complete will result in the party at fault being in breach of contract.

In a sale or purchase there are three stages:

  • Before exchange of contracts- at this stage nothing is legally binding on either side and, generally speaking, there is no refund for a wasted survey, search fees and legal costs if the sale falls through.
  • Between exchange of contracts and completion- Both sellers and buyers are legally bound to complete on an agreed completion date.
  • On completion day- Monies change hands through the Solicitors, deeds are handed over, sellers move out and buyers move in.


"Pat Richards has always been a fantastic solicitor to have working on your side. His professionalism, wisdom and experience are second to none. I have been using his services now for several years and he has helped me with many property purchases and sales, making each one simple and pain free and as importantly, done at a very fair and reasonable price. For someone who runs their own business and has limited time available to devote to the ‘nitty-gritty’ process of property purchase I have always been able to completely rely on and trust Pat to handle these things for me with absolute confidence my best interests are looked after.  He is hardworking and looks after my whole family’s affairs. I would have absolutely no hesitance in recommending his services to anyone at all. He is an excellent member of what is a very professional and knowledgeable legal team at Crosby & Woods Solicitors. Thank you again for all your help Pat". Mr. C.H, Hove 

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