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A Grant of Representation is sometimes needed in order to administer an estate. However, if the estate is very modest or all assets are jointly owned and pass by survivorship, it may not be necessary to obtain a Grant. 

If someone dies leaving a Will and a Grant is necessary, it will be called a Grant of Probate. This is a Court-sealed document stating the details of the personal representative or Executor, to which the Will will be attached. In order to obtain this Grant, Inland Revenue paperwork must be completed detailing the deceased’s assets and liabilities.  This is something we can advise you on. A quick phone call to our probate solicitor, Brighton, will let you know.

If someone dies without a Will (intestate), then the Grant will be called Letters of Administration and only certain people are able to make the application.  We can also advise you on this and the Rule of Intestacy dictating how an estate must pass when there is no valid Will.


"David, as we now approach the conclusion of the complex and very time intensive administration of my late cousin’s Estate, of which you have been the Executor, I wanted to express my sincere thanks and to say how very effectively, sensitively, sympathetically, professionally and thoughtfully you have dealt with his Estate throughout and also his funeral arrangements – my family are greatly appreciative of everything you have done." Mrs H, Somerset- August 2016

"Dear David,

Thank you so much for your letter, I am delighted that the charities so close to my late cousin’s heart will benefit from his extensive collections. I am quite sure knowing him as I did, that these collections, built up over a very long lifetime, took enormous sorting out by yourself and colleagues, a job I would not envy having had to do so well done.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done to ensure my cousin’s wishes have been carried out exactly as he had requested. It really has been appreciated by myself and my family." Mrs AK, Lewes- August 2016

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