Benefit Fraud Solicitor Brighton & Hove

Crosby & Woods can provide you with a benefit fraud solicitor who has been representing clients suspected of benefit fraud, or who wish to appeal an overpayment of benefits, for the past 12 years.

Your solicitor can assist by attending interviews under caution with you and providing representation at the Magistrates, Crown Court and Benefit Appeal Tribunals.

We appreciate it can be incredibly daunting if you have received a letter inviting you to attend an interview under caution at your local Job Centre/council office, or a court summons alleging you have been overpaying benefit or have potentially committed benefit fraud.

Many people who receive such letters have never been on the wrong side of the law, normally have no idea that they have potentially done something wrong, and simply have no idea where to turn. Most people who claim benefits do so due to particular personal circumstances or have caring responsibilities. Life doesn’t always fit neatly into the complex benefit regulations and law and those who have face investigation can receive help.

Experience shows that obtaining specialist benefit fraud advice at the very earliest opportunity (and former clients say being represented at the very first interview under caution has most definitely been beneficial in their cases) ensures that at all times you are on an equal footing with the highly trained and experienced interviewers you will be faced with. It cannot be stressed enough that some cases can be stopped at this first interview stage (or prior to a court hearing) if you have proper representation.

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