Litigation or contractual dispute? Brighton & Hove solicitors Crosby & Woods can help

In an ideal world things do not go wrong or break down. However, in the real world unfortunately we know they can and do.  When they do, we are here to help you to resolve the situation in the best way for you.

 We act for clients in the following areas of law:-

  • Contractual Disputes – All types, including those between individuals and between companies.
  • The recovery of monies owed to you – whatever the sum involved we can help, and where appropriate, represent you.
  • Relationship breakdown and the subsequent division of property and other assets.

All clients receive a fixed reduced fee, no obligation, first interview to assess the merits of a claim. We offer “no win – no fee” funding and where applicable, can act under a legal insurance policy if you have one. We also accept instructions on a privately paying basis.

At all times your claim will only be dealt with by an experienced Solicitor. Your instructions to us are very important and we will ensure that you receive the very best advice and representation available. We will always act solely in your best interests to achieve the best and most realistic result possible.

Wherever possible we will try to achieve a negotiated settlement of your dispute. In some cases you may need or wish to maintain a relationship with the person or party you are in dispute with. We are sympathetic of this situation and are aware of the need to therefore minimise ill feeling in such situations. That said, when a matter cannot be settled by negotiations, we will not hesitate to enforce your rights through the Courts.

We will always use plain English and ensure that you understand what action we are taking on your behalf and why. We positively encourage all clients to work with us as a ‘team’ to achieve the best results and thus we are accessible to allow them to do that.

At all times we will strive to minimise the disruption that a claim can cause to your daily life. We appreciate that clients do not want to be bombarded with unnecessary paperwork and requests for information, so we will keep matters relevant and appropriate at all times. As our service is ‘tailored’ to each individual client, we will ensure your requirements are met in full.

Whatever dispute you have, whether serious or potentially minor, please do call us to discuss the matter. Its costs nothing to speak to us. If you value face to face dealings and having access to a solicitor when you need it and when it is convenient for you, then try us and see how we compare to other firms. We are confident our personal service is unrivaled.  We are also confident that our plain speaking and realistic approach to resolving disputes in the most cost efficient and amicable way, is one that you will appreciate.

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