Crosby & Woods offer a professional and friendly working environment where people are treated with respect and afforded a large degree of freedom to carry out their work in the way they are most comfortable with, an approach not often found in private practice but one we believe that brings the best out of anyone.

In addition we offer a range of remuneration packages that are highly competitive and which will usually include motivational bonus schemes that can, and often does, substantially increase current and market rate annual earnings for the right candidate.  

Crosby & Woods invites any experienced professional fee earners who are looking for a fresh career and work challenges to contact us direct if they wish to discuss the possibility of joining our hugely respected team. Direct contact in the first instance, rather than via a recruitment agency is always preferred and likely to be reflected positively in any remuneration terms that may subsequently be agreed. 

Solicitors in any area of practice who believe that they have the experience, knowledge, potential client connections and customer service skills should contact David Crosby on 01273 734 600 or to discuss their situation in confidence. 

We look forward to hearing from you.